Clients and Projects

I worked in the BBC Content Discovery team, on the BBC+ app. This app aggregates content from across the BBC to present a unified stream of stories about topics the user has chosen to follow.

The work I did involved finalising the app for release, as well as adding a few last minutes features, and also a bit of a rethink about how the content was presented to the user. I also worked on un-released projects and features.

I worked as Tech Lead for the MoneySupermarket MoneySupermarket Go (née More Money) app. I was heavily involved in building out a major new feature - a simple way to buy car insurance. This was also later extended to support credit card and loans, and household energy switching.

Working with Rethought, a software consultancy firm, I helped bring to life Sainsbury’s vision for an in-store shopping app.

This app will allow you to build a shopping list at home - both manually, and by scanning products in your cupboards.

In-store, the app allows you to navigate around the store to find the products on your list, then scan the barcode and add them to your basket. When you’ve finished your shop, you’ll be able to just pay directly on your phone and walk out of the store !

This is a major project for Sainsbury’s that will re-define the shopping experience for smartphone era.

Sainsbury’s are currently finalising the app, and it’s due to be released into limited stores in the near future.

As part of a major, company-wide redevelopment effort, I worked on the new Argos app project. As one of the first developers on the project I was instrumental in the design of the application architecture and structure.

I worked on both the low level networking framework that drives all the app communication and business model logic, as well and user interface code, including the new home screen layout.

As part of this project, Argos also launched a number of innovative Digital Concept Stores - replacing the traditional paper catalogue with an iPad running a custom browsing app. Some of the code I developed was fundamental to this app too.

I worked with JPMorgan’s Glasgow based Mobile Centre of Excellence team for a year. I worked on updates to the flagship ‘Boardroom’ enterprise app, which is used to facilitate meetings at the very highest echelons of the company.

This app allows for secure storage and sharing of important documents for board meetings. I extended the functionality of this app to also provide a survey taking functionality.

The survey function allows meeting members to create ad-hoc and pre-planned votes and surveys from within the app. Administrators can create complex, multi-part survey forms that are composed of multiple kinds of questions. Attendees can complete their answers and view results live in the app.

This functionality is used for annual pay review meetings. Previously this process was heavily paperwork dependent, which incurred a significant cost overheard. The survey feature of the Boardroom app was credited is a saving of over $100,000 in administration expenses in the first year alone !

All JPMorgan apps have a strong security focus and made heavy use of encryption and secure communications and storage.

I developed a secure document search and storage app for iPad that was branded for a number of large investment banks. The app was designed to deliver high value research reports to investors, and built in complex search functionality.

Integrating with a proprietary back end service, the app I designed allowed investors to build custom search criteria and see matching research reports. A simple tap downloaded the research for offline viewing on the iPad.

The app was later extended to be a Universal app for iPhone also - allowing even greater flexibility in accessing reports.

I developed a way to rebrand the app quickly for new and prospective clients, and branded versions were deployed to financial firms such as ING, Renaissance Capital, and the World Gold Council.

I also developed custom charting tools for financial data display.