★★★★★ Essential mobile “Traveller’s” Aid by Barbierossa – May 25, 2017

Does exactly what you expect it to do! Need an off the cuff sector of space? Boom! Done! Brilliant!

Sector is a mapping tool for classic tabletop Science Fiction Roleplaying games.

With a single click Sector will generate an entire sector (16 subsectors) of worlds for you and your players to explore.

That’s not all - the map is editable! Tap the ‘Edit’ button and then tap hexes to remove a world you don’t want, or add a world to a blank hex. Trade routes and cluster names are generated on the fly.

Note: requires the use of an RPG rules system. Contains materials from the Traveller SRD document

Note: Mapping an entire sector is resource intensive. Recommended for iPad Pro and iPhone 6s devices or better.

I wrote a bit more about the motivation behind Sector here

iPhone Screenshot

iPad Screenshot

Sector for Mac

At the moment I don’t have plans to build a full GUI Mac app - although I would like to do this. Instead, you can download a completely free command line tool here - there’s no warranty or anything else provided - use at your own risk, but it should be pretty safe!

To call it, just open the terminal and cd to the same directory, and then run ` ./sector` - at the moment there are no options, it will just spit out and entire random sector listing! On the plus side, it’s very fast.

Tips and tricks

Release notes


You can now save your generated sector maps as a PDF! Use the share icon when viewing the map and select ‘PDF’ as the file format. You can still also share as a plain text file world listing, and as a native Sector file format.


Adds a small navigator thumbnail view in the navigation bar, so you always know what part of the map you’re looking at. Also, reverts back to showing a zoomed in version of the map initially



Adds a map legend to help explain the colours used in the map, and what they mean. Minimum OS version increased to 10.3